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Winnie Lin, MS, RDN


I am Winnie Lin, a globally trained Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and clinical nutrition consultant in Hong Kong. 

As a health professional and research scientist, I believe science is a core element of spirituality that human intelligence can decipher. Many leading scientists are remarkable philosophers and practice spirituality. Simply put, spirituality as a whole is a key to a harmonious, healthy life.


My goal is to help you adjust to the pace of your authentic future, by providing personalized care, from healthy eating to lifestyle management, to de-stress with food and optimize gut health. My wholistic nutrition, non-diet approach aims to identify the root cause of diseases and engage in a balanced client-practitioner collaboration. Exercise physiology can also help active clients enhance their athletic performance.


Together, we can make better choices to avoid chronic diseases or any health struggles you may be facing by adapting whole-food habits.

I am not a physician or pharmacist, nor do I diagnose diseases or prescribe medicine. My mission is to guide and support you on your journey to finding peace in your own temple: your body and soul.


  • Dietetic Internship (Meredith College, North Carolina, USA)

  • Master in Science, Exercise Physiology (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA)

  • Bachelor in Science, Foods and Nutrition - Dietetics (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA)


Credentials and experiences:

  • Registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN,  Commission on Dietetic Registration, USA)

  • Certified exercise physiologist (ACSM-EP, American College of Sports Medicine, USA)

  • Clinical nutrition consultant (Hong Kong)

  • Research scientist  (Hong Kong-Australia-China)

  • Certified emotional brain training provider (EBT provider, USA)

  • Certified intuitive eating counselor (IE Pro™ counselor, USA)

  • FODMAP trained dietitian (Monash FODMAP, Australia)

  • Newspaper columnist (Hong Kong Economics Journal)


Summary of Experience:

The pursuit of my dietetic career has had a few milestones since my passion for nutrition moved me from California to Hong Kong in 2016, with a background in clinical nutrition and years of experience in community nutrition education.


Over the years of dietetic practice, I have developed an in-depth clinical perspective on human nutrient metabolism and non-communicable diseases. With knowledge continuing to build up as a foundation and expanding the practice to medical research since 2017, I worked under a medical research team conducting comprehensive studies investigating the epidemiology, genetics, pathogenesis, and treatment of IBD. My contribution included conducting nutritional research in dietary food additives and gastrointestinal diseases, developing nutrition assessment tools for obesity and Crohn’s disease studies, and publishing research findings in peer-reviewed journals.


Currently, my research development is to conduct epidemiological studies on human gut microbiota and autoimmune diseases, autism spectrum disorder, and pregnancy. And to develop dietary recommendations based on human gut microbiota to prevent non-communicable diseases in a research company supported by a major initiative to develop Hong Kong as the hub for global research collaboration.


Published work:

  • Winnie Lin, Siew C Ng, and Francis KL Chan. Dietary microbial modulation for colorectal cancer prevention for Hong Kong Chinese. Hong Kong Medical Journal. 

  • Gina Trakman, Winnie Lin, ... , Mark Morrison, Siew C. Ng, Michael A. Kamm. Food as a risk factor for the development and perpetuation of Crohn’s disease. An international case-control study of food and food additive intake from birth till now. The ENIGMA study. Gastroenterology, Volume 160, Issue 6, Supplement, 2021, Page S-530. 

  • Jielun Hu, Lin Zhang, Winnie Lin, Whitney Tang, Francis K.L. Chan, Siew C. Ng, Review article: Probiotics, prebiotics and dietary approaches during COVID-19 pandemic, Trends in Food Science & Technology, Volume 108, 2021, Pages 187-196. 

  • Gina Trakman, Winnie Lin, ... , S C Ng, M A Kamm, P772 Development and validation of tools to assess food additive intake: the ENIGMA study, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, Volume 13, Issue Supplement_1, March 2019, Page S507. 

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