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Q. Why do you emphasize the wholistic approach?

The more advanced our medical science is, the more confused we are about what we eat. These are "the latest state" of our healthcare.

  • We do not see our body as a loyal companion and ignore its call for (health) help.

  • We accept medical intervention that is focused on the signs and symptoms of the diseases, not the actual cause (culprit), which is the imbalance in our bodily system.   

  • We are eating too few fresh foods or too many processed ones which leads the body to nutrient imbalances.

  • We rely on the isolated chemical or food constituents– supplementations– for a quick fix and ignore the real issue to our health.


Q. How is the wholistic consultation different from other nutrition consultations?
In AR, we do not follow the conventional diet regimens commonly used in nutrition consultation. You do not expect to have a meal plan set up for caloric restriction, portion size control, and telling you how many fruits and vegetables to eat at each meal. A well-balanced diet that suits your lifestyle, is no longer some cookie-cutter meal plans on paper.

Q. What do you offer?
We work with you on the cognitive level to understand your relationship with food, how different food groups work in your body, and create everyday lifestyle rituals for your health goal - optimizing health, de-stress with diet, weight management, or disease management. 


Q. How is this going to help achieve my health goal?
We practice one ritual at a time. Making a slight change in your busy life is more sustainable than revamping your whole life all at once. After all, we ought to treat our body as a temple, treasure it, and be empowered, in order to restore whatever imbalance life has at it.


Q. Enough said. How do I find you?
You can book a briefing session (via WhatsApp or Email) to have a 15-minute overview with Winnie, to understand your specific health goals: optimizing health with lifestyle, de-stress with diet, adapting a new dietary regime (keto, vegetarian, fasting), weight loss, manage blood sugar, blood pressure, or you name it.

Honestly, it is much easier said than done. But, worry not, I will be of your assistance throughout the journey of exploration. Shall we begin?


Briefing Session

A quick call or chat to understand your health-related needs.
This will be followed by scheduling your initial session and a set of questionnaires to help gather more info before our initial session.

Schedule Your Call Now

The initial session typically runs for an hour. We will identify your brain state (stress level), and set a lifestyle plan to achieve your health goal. This will be followed by a schedule to follow up - multiple sessions, from 4 to 10 sessions, depending on your health related-needs.

Schedule Your Session Now


Goal Setting


Progress Follow Up

In each weekly follow-up session, we will continue to work on your brain state, discuss your feelings on the progress, and the possible obstacles that make changes difficult to carry out.

You have mastered the skills of self-care and perhaps have reached your health goal. Whether to continue working on another goal or to check in periodically to keep track of your progress, you are welcome to reach out for a top-up session.

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​With the mind to re-align our health beliefs, our Core Values at AR are:

Plant-based whole-food diet

Food origins


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